Safety-Conscious Solutions

At Romer Environmental, we believe there’s no such thing as a worksite that is too safe or employees are overly cautious. We never view safety as a hindrance to productivity. On the contrary, safe worksites are healthier, more productive worksites, allowing workers to be more efficient in completing their tasks.

In Alberta and Saskatchewan, Romer Environmental is a COR-certified company through the Alberta Construction Safety Association and Saskatchewan Construction Safety Association. Each member of our team is obligated to fulfill mandatory safety requirements and certifications. These safety checks not only provide us with primary safety resources, but allow us to form secondary contingency plans as well. These steps not only provide safe work environments, but reduce the chance of downtime due to accidents and injuries.


The employees of Romer Environmental undergo training and certification in First Aid,H2S Alive and ENFORM Ground Disturbance Certification in the areas of WHMIS and TDG (Transport of Dangerous Goods). Romer Envionmental supervisors are certified in additional areas, including: We are members of the Alberta Construction Safety Association, ISNet® World, and ComplyWorks®. For additional information about Romer Environmental’s safety policies, we invite you to contact our office at any time. We look forward to helping you create a safer, more productive oilfield site.